Monthly Archives: January 2006

Third time’s the charm

I’ve decided to give this blogging thing a try again.  After several not-so-successful runs with blogger and MySpace, I finally caught on to what everyone else realized ages ago and try wordpress.  Odds are anyone reading this right now probably knows me, but I’ll do the bio thing just in case.  I’m a 24-year old living in frigid upstate NY, I work full time as a Paramedic, and part time as a Mary Kay skincare consultant.  I have also come to the realization that I am a knitting addict…a knitaholic if you will.  I’ve dabbled for a few years, but when I was deployed to New Orleans for hurricane relief last fall and the first thing I worried about was which knitting project to bring along, I knew I was a goner.  Knitting is my main obsession, but I have started dabbling in crochet (a little faster for big projects but not as fun to me) and spinning my own yarn.

I have an ulterior motive for blogging as well…I’m considering relocating to Florida in the next few months, but will be leaving all my family and friends back in New York.  I figure this way I can give all of you an idea of what I’m up to down there!  My first news on the Florida front is….I have an interview!  I’m going for a visit in two weeks, and while I’m down there I am interviewing for a full time paramedic program with Sunstar EMS in Pinellas County.  The area is gorgeous, the company is fantastic, and I’m so excited about the opportunity to live and work in a different area.  Its a little (a lot) scary thinking about moving somewhere new where I know exactly two people, but I think it will be a great experience for me.  And hey, if I don’t like it, I can always move back (right mom?) 😛

And in knitting news, I decided that I would kick off my new blog with a new project.  i’m going to participate in the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics!  Not sure yet what I’m going to knit (I hope I think of something by then) but I’m excited to challenge myself and see what I can do.  I’ve already started a huge challenging project, but I started it already so its ineligible for the olympics.  I’m thinking of the Fibertrends Leaf Lace Shawl, something nice but also practical.  More on that later.

Knitting Olympics