The Pictures

Here’s a picture of the Debbie Bliss sweater…please forgive my poor photography skills.  This was my first cable project and I really enjoyed cabling.  I managed to not get bored, despite the fact that it was a pretty simple pattern.  I finished this project in fifteen days, although the lack of sleeves helped a lot.


I also managed to get a halfway decent picture of the shawl in progress.  This is 60 rows into the center knotwork pattern, you can see the start of some of the knots.  I had trouble getting a clear picture, but when I get more done I’ll pin it out so you can see more clearly.


In other news, my current Mary Kay project is “100 faces in 90 days” – 100 model makeovers/facials from the beginning of January to the end of March.  I’m lagging behind already, only 15 faces done so I need your help!  If you would be interested in a facial and makeover to be featured in my model portfolio, email me at – it would probably help if you lived somewhere near upstate NY or Pinellas County FL, but we can work around that 🙂  I also got my first recruit at our meeting tonight, congratulations Jenn!


One response to “The Pictures

  1. Hi kiddo! Love the lace – can’t wait to see it this weekend!

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