What a trip!

I just got back today from my six-day trip to Clearwater…and it was somehow both the greatest trip I’ve had in a long time and at times the most frustrating.

First the bad…I will NEVER fly United again. On the way down to Tampa my flight out of Rochester was delayed an hour because of a “mechanical problem” that took an hour to fix, so by the time we got to Dulles I had just enough time to run to the next terminal to see the door to my flight being shut. So I got to deal negotiate talk to the stupid as a box of rocks customer service reps, who informed me that there were no more flights from Dulles to Tampa until the next day. WHAT? While my wonderful rep was trying to find me something quicker, the guy next to him got two people tickets on the very next (direct) flight. Finally my guy booked me on the 9:45pm flight (at that point it was 12:45pm) and put me on standby for the 4:45 flight. By the grace of god I made it as the only standby passenger on the 4:45 flight…but I had another suprise waiting for me in Tampa. The customer service idiot guy PROMISED me that my luggage would be on the 4:45 flight whether I was or not, so that if I had to take the later flight it would be there waiting for me. Well I should have forseen how that would turn out. Yep, no luggage. Somehow the geniuses United baggage handling staff decided that it would be a good idea to let my luggage get a tour of the south – it went first to Charlotte NC, then to Tampa. They delivered it by noon the next day, but man – it was just one thing after another.

Actually being down in Florida was fantastic. I got to hang out with Adam and relax, we did some sightseeing (well actually apartment hunting, but we drove over dodge and as a side bonus I now know where I’m going in Pinellas county), and had dinner out for V-Day. Oh yeah, and I GOT THE JOB! I interviewed Monday at Sunstar EMS for a full time Paramedic position, and I got it! They actually told me right there, gave me my salary information, fitted me for uniforms, the whole works. I’m really impressed by this place so far – I have yet to do a ride along or see them at work but hearing about how the company is run and some of the structural/system differences between there and Rochester was really cool. More on that later…I could go on for ages. Start date: April 17th.
AND…I found an apartment. Its a very nice place, gated community, pool, tennis courts, my own balcony… neighbors seem ok… my move in date is April 10th. Woohoo!

Very exciting…very scary… I need my inner cruise director to sit down and shut up for a minute so I can enjoy this because I keep worrying about all the details 🙂 I’ve never done anything like this in my life, and I’m really excited to jump in and give it a try…and remind myself that the worst that can happen is it doesn’t work, and I come back. And hey – in two months you all can visit me in sunny FLORIDA!

(Knitting progress – not much. 1/5 done with the center of the bridal knot shawl, got my olympic yarn when I got home today – of COURSE it shows up two hours after I leave for the airport. So now I’m exclusively working on that…no pics yet (only 24 rows in) but I love that shawls go much faster with DK weight yarn than laceweight. So here we go…an olympic-size project and only 2/3 of the olympics to finish it in. Any takers?)


One response to “What a trip!

  1. I was just reading about your experience looking at Sunstar EMS…. I am a paramedic from maryland and I am thinking about making the same move. I was hoping you could email me at (sdiener@gmail.com) and we could talk about how you felt about what you saw.

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