I’m here!

Hi everyone, I made it to Florida in one piece 🙂  The drive was about 21 hours long, I drove 13 hours Saturday and 9 on Sunday.  It wasn't a bad drive, just VEEEERRRRYY boring.  I got two books on tape (well, CD) which took up about 16 hours and actually made the time go by much faster.  

So now I'm officially living in Florida.  That feels so strange to say.  I look out the window at the palm trees (really, we're on the third floor and I can touch the leaves from the balcony) and it feels like I'm on vacation, not actually living here.  The weather has been beautiful, 70 in the morning and evening and up to 85 during the day.  This week is my vacation week so I've been running errands, learning the area, and generally enjoying being in Florida.  

My biggest complaint so far (it wouldn't be me if I didn't complain about something, right?) is the traffic.  There are no real expressways in this county, and pretty much every road except for neighborhoods is like West Ridge road – three lanes and 45mph (which means people drive 60).  There are medians everywhere which means a lot of U-turns.  And the lights take several minutes to change, which gets frustrating.  But in a couple weeks I'll be in an ambulance, which means I get to skip the lights most of the time 😛  

Thats about it for now…I'm all moved in and just killing time until work starts next Monday.  My email now is lisaemtp@gmail.com and my phone number hasn't changed  yet…and when I do change it I'll let you know.  My computer still isn't set up but thats on the agenda for this week so soon I'll have some pictures 🙂  Hope all is well up in NY, miss you all! 

5 responses to “I’m here!

  1. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you made it safely! Miss you lots.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you got there safely. Miss you lots.
    Love, Grandma

  3. My first try and I did it twice. Oh well.

  4. Lisa!

    Glad your trip was uneventful and that you’re getting settled in. Didn’t know you had this blog til Wendy mentioned it in hers. I’ll keep looking.
    Love, Uncle^2 Pete

  5. Look at all your visitors!

    Miss you. Didn’t go to MK last night – it was Paul’s birthday, which I completely forgot. (Ugh. Though he didn’t mind – they made a big deal of it at work.) Today we’re having a Beach Party at our marketing meeting – time to iron my sundress. No really, we’re planning the July catalog & have to get everyone in the mood.

    Love, Mom

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