Still alive, just busy

I know I haven't updated in a while, and I know I said I would write a lot, and I know I said I would post pictures.  Unfortunately this is me just checking in to say I'm still here and doing well, just very busy with work.  I started my road training shifts yesterday and three twelve hour days in a row when I've been sitting on my rear end is knocking me off my feet, and by the time I get home I just crawl into bed and fall asleep 😛  

So here's the deal…Saturday is my day off.  I will take lots of fun palm tree filled pictures and post a good real update then.  I promise, scouts honor and all that.

But in the meantime I just want to say…I LOVE my job so far.  Now that I'm on the road and actually being a paramedic again, I'm having a blast.  Its a little weird getting used to a new area, talking on the radio here, etc but my preceptor is great (he used to be from Syracuse so he knows where I'm coming from) and we have had a lot of really good calls so far (for non-EMS folk, that actually means sick patients but good in that I was able to use my skills and actually make a big difference).  

Anyways, all is well, work is great, Adam is doing well (one month from graduating the Police Academy), my apartment is still too small for all of us, and Jake the Cat is cuddly.  I miss you all like crazy but other than being away from everyone, I love it down here!  Now all I have to do is convince you all to move… 


One response to “Still alive, just busy

  1. Glad all is going well. Miss you too.

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