After much anticipation…the big update.

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I promise…I finally got my pictures off my camera and found ten minutes to update, so here you go!

Florida is fantastic. I still can't get over that I LIVE here. The weather has been beautiful, the people are nice, and my job is going very well. Here's a picture of Tampa Bay out my car window:

Tampa Bay.jpg

Today we went to a new beach south of St Petersburg called Fort Desoto. The north beach (where we were) was the #1 beach in the country in 2005 and I wasn't disappointed. I managed not to get any pictures of the beach itself (good job Lisa) but the wildlife was pretty cool. Out about 200 feet from shore the water is only about waist deep and we found dozens of sand dollars – live ones! I'm apparently a sheltered New Yorker because I had no idea that live sand dollars are dark purple/blue, and they don't turn white until after they die. (Grandma – the shell situation looks pretty good out there but I have to go early one morning when the tide is out. I'll let you know.) We found hermit crabs in the tide pools as the tide went out:

Hermit Crab again.jpg

OK, wordpress and my computer are no longer cooperating and so my pictures aren't uploading.  Off to work, the computer can sit in the corner and think about what its done until I get back and hopefully then we'll have pictures again.  Coming up: more nature, trip to Delray beach last weekend, more about work, and perhaps even knitting?

One response to “After much anticipation…the big update.

  1. Live sand dollars! How cool. I only once found any of the dark colored ones. I think they actually turn white as they bleach in the sun! Hope you find some great shells.

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