Getting back to normal

I've been in florida a month and a half, and finally it seems as though life will start getting back in order. I'm officially finished with training at work and tomorrow is my first shift as a cleared Florida/Pinellas County Paramedic. At 5am. That part hurts a little. But thats ok, its a day shift – and the fact that I'm getting any day shifts at all is better than they told me to expect. This week I'm filling temporary hours, and later this week I'll bid for a permanent shift to start next week. There's a 5am open, but between getting ready for work and the awful traffic here (even before 5am), I'm actually considering a night shift. (You guys better bookmark that, you'll never hear it again). We'll see what happens. When Adam starts working his shifts will be all over the place, so for at least the next four months we'll rarely have the same schedule no matter what I do.

Speaking of Adam's job, he graduates from the Police Academy on June 1st! I'm so glad for him that school is almost over – he's been bored senseless since February. His whole family is coming to town for the event (and Keri's coming a week early – can you say beach!?!), then he gets two weeks off before starting his orientation at the PD.

Last weekend we went up to Baltimore for Keri's graduation. Once again my unbelievable luck with flying kicked in and both our flights were delayed. The ceremony was really nice, Bob Costas was the speaker and he was really funny! The actual graduation part took about two hours, but I came prepared with some sock knitting (the same ones I've knit and torn out two times now trying to find the right pattern). I'm trying a toe-up pattern for the first time, and I made it all the way to the heel before I realized I left the pattern in the hotel room (oops!). All was well though, I just started the other sock instead and made it halfway up the foot.

(Here's where I tried to insert a harlot-style sock picture to prove that I actually have picked up my knitting in the last month and a half…but as usual, wordpress won't let me upload a picture.  Or maybe its firefox.  Either way, just imagine a sock in front of a palm tree.)

So between work and jetting off all over the east coast, I've been pretty busy.  I have managed to pick up some of my irish knot shawl (a grand total of 16 rows since I got here), but there's not enough progress to warrant a picture (or rather, a picture attempt).  When I get to the halfway point of the center knot pattern (in 50-60 rows) I'll post with the update.  Tonight I'm being Susie homebody and making lasagna, cleaning the house, and getting ready for my nobody should be awake at that hour really early shift tomorrow.  


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