Here we go :-P


The first tropical storm and potential tropical depression of the 2006 hurricane season…and where is it?  Of course, its aiming at Florida.  I know its not a big storm and it probably won't progress past a tropical depression and I live in the bottom of the projected path, but its just the idea of it.  It just figures 😛

On the plus side…I work tonight then I'm off until Tuesday night.  If this guy gets bigger, we all get called into work and paid 24 hours a day until its over.  Its all about looking on the bright side right?  And if we're going to get a hurricane, work is the best place I can be.  We come off the road when the winds get over 45mph sustained (lower than several routine storms we had up in Rochester) and go to a shelter; we don't go back on the road until after the storm passes and the winds drop.  I'll be ok 🙂

Here we go…rain is all on the east half and we're forcasted to start raining Sunday morning.  Woohoo or something 😛 

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