Treading water

Hey y'all (see, its like I'm a southerner or something).  I'm still here, not much to report.  I'm slowly (very very very slowly) getting used to night shift.  I'm to the point where I can pretty much stay up all night without napping between calls, but my days off when I try to live like a normal person during daylight hours are still rough.  Adam has been really patient with me, which I'm sure isn't easy since we've seen each other for about an hour a day for the last two weeks.  He just started work too, so now he leaves for work before I get home, and I see him from 6pm until I leave for work at 7pm.  I'm praying for a big shift bid to come up so I can get at least a B shift.  

I've been knitting too…I'm 14 rows away from being half done with the center of the bridal knot shawl.  Its coming along very well, just very slowly (the center is 500 rows long, cobweb weight yarn and size 3 needles).  I had hoped to be halfway today to show you a picture, but it will have to wait for Monday (and some extra hands to spread it out so you can see the pattern instead of a pile of yarn).  I was on track to be done today but all the extra knitting plus an over-exuberant night at the gym last night left my shoulder pretty sore, and since my health insurance doesn't kick in until August I need to keep myself patched together until at least then.

So life in FL is going pretty well…my living situation is frustrating right now, three of us smooshed into a one bedroom loft condo has been tough.  Mom, you were right when you pointed out that I don't live well with others – I realized I haven't shared a room with someone else since Freshman year of college six years ago.  I'm trying so hard to be patient and tolerant, but when your wall is actually a curtain it makes privacy hard to come by.  Sigh….everyone think peaceful thoughts for me, I need them!  

Next time…pictures (I promise, as long as wordpress cooperates). 

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