Time for some Pollyana

I decided that its time to stop being so down about the way things are…there's nothing that I can change right now, and I hate being whiny and frustrated all the time.  So I'm taking baby steps…every post I have to write one thing that I like about nights (or whatever else is currently pissing me off less than ideal).  So for today…

1. There is very little traffic at night.

I posted a while back about how traffic in this county stinks – well, at night there is almost no traffic.  HUGE plus. (Well, that was easy so far.)

Off to work tonight then I have Monday off…seems I'm picking up regular OT/Bonus shifts on Sundays, which gives me a 60 hour work week but significantly improves my pay.  Its OK for now, and I have Mondays and Fridays off so I never have to do more than three nights in a row.  Works for now (but you betcha I'm still gonna try my darndest to get off nights!) 😛

Oh yeah knitting…picked up the socks at work and knit an inch up the leg.  Small, but something 🙂 

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