Actual visible progress!

At long last, here it is…proof that I've made actual visible progress on the bridal knot shawl.  I officially reached the halfway point in the middle knotwork pattern section, and…dum da dum…drumroll please…


Half a shawl.  Well, half of the center pattern of a shawl.  We won't mention that there are not one, but TWO patterns that circle around the outside of this one…nope, for now I'm just gonna bask in my half-done center of a shawl.  The edges shouldnt' be scalloped like that, but since I still haven't sucked it up and gotten blocking wires thats what you get for now.  This part of the shawl is an octagon, and the other half will basically be a mirror image of this one.  I'm impressed, I'm still really enjoying this pattern – its not anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be, and while its far to complicated to memorize a pattern (there are no repeats and its 500 rows long) it makes sense, and I can sense what should come next.  Its saved a lot of frogging from the beginning when I couldn't tell what should line up with what (for a first try at charted lace, I picked a hell of a chart).


(knot detail) 

Now that I've reached a milestone with the shawl my fingers are itching for a new project…I still have my super secret project to finish (that may, in fact, be so secret that I haven't mentioned it here yet) and there's a pair of toe-up socks on the needles that I'm picking away at while I'm at work – just need to find good picot stitch cast off edge instructions (or even just picot stitch – somehow I haven't run across that one yet).  So here is a sneak peek of whats coming up in the future:


Socks socks socks…all knit picks, the plain colors (love that orange, its like leaves changing in the fall – probably the closest I'll see of it this year) are destined for lace or cable socks – I have two great books and at least half a dozen patterns I want to try but haven't had any decent solid color yarn.


The Rowan Calmer yarn is for a Tempting II top as seen on Knitty (  I found it at a LYS in Tampa (not terribly local but 20 minutes isn't bad)…a little pricier than if I had bought it online, but I had to feel it for myself.  The yarn is REALLY nice…very soft and stretchy, a little shiny but not as bad as in the picture.  I wanted a dark red or a brown yarn but they didn't have any…so if I like the yarn and the pattern I'll get another color online.  The grey yarn is KnitPicks Sierra, which will shortly be a cabled purse.  The pattern is really cute and is free on KnitPicks, all you have to do is get a two dollar canvas bag from Joann's for a stronger liner.  

So there you have it…update extrordinaire.  I also wanted to show you that I'm not the only one in this house who loves yarn…


Now all I have to do is teach him to hold the needles. 🙂 


One response to “Actual visible progress!

  1. Beautiful shawl!!!
    Lots of projects on your plate! I tell myself that I love to have choices (ha-ha).
    Love you lots,

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