Status quo

Still trudging along…I’m getting used to night shift (as in I can stay awake for the whole shift) but my internal clock is seriously messed up…for a while I was sleeping every second I wasn’t at work, but now when I get home from work in the morning I’m not tired until noon or 1pm (bad when I have to get up for work at 5pm), and on my nights off I fall asleep by 10pm (after sleeping all day).  My poor brain is so confused!  I’m trying really hard to keep a more “night shift” schedule on my days off (stay up until 2 or 3am) but so far its not working too well.

I have gotten some knitting done this week…I’m knitting Tempting II from Knitty with blue yarn in Rowan’s “Calmer” yarn.  Rare for me to actually knit something with the intended yarn, but I had a hard time finding another cotton/microfiber yarn with the same elasticity and the pattern only called for four balls of yarn, so I splurged.  I love it so far, the yarn feels great and is pretty forgiving – the pattern is a little slow (15″ of 1×1 rib) but I finally made it to the sleeves so it should finish quickly.  I’m using a button in place of the buckle, which also means I need to learn how to make a buttonhole.  Once that is done, I’m motivated to start working on the shawl again, and I have plenty of sock yarn to keep me busy at work.  Once I start making a dent in this stash, I want to venture into fair isle….any ideas?

I’ll be trekking up to Rochester July 21st-25th.  A little suprisingly, I actually miss the place – not just the people in it.  I have a checklist of places to visit and things to eat while I’m there (for all the cultures mashed together down here, Florida doesn’t have much in the way of authentic food.)  I need REAL buffalo wings, philly cheesesteak, good pizza…and maybe some Dino BBQ and Tahoe’s if my stomach can take it.  Ra-cha-cha here I come 🙂


One response to “Status quo

  1. Love the sweater! Can’t wait to see you. Love you lots!

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