An actual FO!

Here it is…Tempting II, as seen on Knitty.  Made with Rowan “Calmer” yarn (coincidentally, in the “calmer” colorway) on size 8 needles.  I made the size 36, which called for four balls of yarn but took me almost five.  I’m not sure if its because my gauge was too loose or what, but I actually altered the pattern to be slightly smaller than ordered so who knows.  The yarn was very interesting to knit with (its a cotton/microfiber blend), very spongy and stretchy.  The stitches aren’t as uniform and “pretty” as they are with 100% wool, which makes it look a little more handmade than I wanted, but it turned out pretty well.  I’m going to wash it and see if that helps at all.



I have a big blue button to go on the neckline on the left when I find my needle and thread.  This was a fairly quick knit – 15″ of k1p1 ribbing got boring though.  I followed the pattern until I attached the sleeves, then knit only 4.5″ up to the neck (instead of the 5.5″ the pattern instructed).  I also changed the neckband so that instead of attaching to the body only on the right side rows, on the wrong side rows I P2tog’ed so it went twice as fast, and in theory is half the length.  Its already a little loose for my taste, so I’m glad I changed it.  I’d probably make it again, with smaller needles so that the stitches aren’t so big.  All in all not bad, and actually wearable in Florida!  (and of course, that is my major only requirement for projects lately.)

In other news…Friday morning I leave for Rochester!  Saturday night is family BBQ at the house, Saturday and Sunday all day I’ll be packing and cleaning my old house, and the rest of the time should be devoted to knitting, visiting, and hanging out with the family.  Oh yeah, and eating (Dino BBQ, Jerimiah’s wings, wegmans…I never thought I would miss Rochester food so much!)  Can’t wait to see you all!

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