Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone…I’ve been back from Rochester a week and finally found time to update here.  I’ve been working, sleeping, even a little knitting! No pictures because there’s no visible progress, but I’ve been plugging away at the bridal knot shawl.  Last night Adam and I went out to dinner on the beach, tried a nice little Italian place – good food, the waiter was a little inexperienced but he sounded like he was right off the boat, so we gave him a break.  Today we went to Tampa to check out the Apple store so I could try out their laptops…I think I’m convinced.  I love PC – I know my way around, I know all the shortcuts, I can build one from the ground up and do pretty much anything I need to do – but I’m tired of the slowness, and the viruses, and how fast everything changes.  If you have any comments in favor or against either one (apple vs PC) let me know, I need help!  I’m impressed, I can even get microsoft office on my mac!  That would be great, one thing that was holding me back from mac was that I didn’t want to sacrifice all my word files (thesis, etc).

I’ve thought about a laptop for a long time, but always decided against it because I have a desktop that works perfectly well.  Alas, now that I’m living in a shoebox, my computer has been retired to under the desk and I work off of Adam’s – mine comes out when I need a specific file or to update my iPod, but thats it.  So I figured, the computer is four years old anyways (or is it five?), the processor is sloooooowwww, and I can use it to watch movies at work (the one shift per month where I sit still for more than ten minutes).  The deciding factor?  I’m going back to school.  I’ve decided for sure now… Barry University in Miami has a distance program for a Physician Assistant Masters degree program through St Petersburg College, right in my county.  The program is very good from what I’ve heard, and I suprisingly don’t need very many prerequisites!  I can take the three or four classes I need starting next Fall through SPC once I get in-state tuition status, then the following fall once I’ve completed my contract to my job I can start the PA program full time.  So, five more years.  I can do that.  I still have to talk to the people at Barry to iron out what exactly what prerequisites I need, and after that I apply to the program…so nothing is for sure.  And I have to take the GREs, so I bought a Kaplan review book and thats my new buddy for the next couple months.  BUT it feels GREAT to have some kind of a plan!

Back to the grind…hopefully knitting pictures next time.  And maybe…some spinning?


4 responses to “Happy Monday

  1. Oh boy! You blogging & me reading, both on the same day – what are the odds?

    And the PA thing – I’ll never forget when I told you I was going to be a doctor. “Don’t you mean a nurse?” you said. And “I’ll never be a doctor, because I’m a girl. I’ll be a nurse instead.” Oy.

    Macs are great. Patrick loves his. My only point in favor of PC’s is your built-in service person (moi) but, as I can neither fix laptops nor beam myself to FL, this has no actual value. Just do NOT buy an Acer (if I blog this week I have a huge rant re: Acer’s bait-and-switch WinXP Pro …)

    Love you – miss you!

  2. Hi Princess,
    REALLY hot here today but you wouldn’t think so compared to your weather. PA sounds wonderful! Go Girl! Love you – wish I had been able to see more of you last weekend. Next time we must make plans.

  3. Run, run, run to the Mac. You’ll never look back. I work in Educational Technology, and have a lot of experience with both. At this point, I would never purchase another PC. Best of luck in your new program.

  4. Lisa,

    Greetings from Laf-a-lot! Hope your got your Rochester fix while you were there: white hots, garbage plate, you-name-it. I thinks it’s great you’re going for a PA. You can fix my aches and pains anytime. Now … about this Mac thing. I’ve been a Mac person all my computer life (Osborne excepted). And now the new Macs use a processor that makes it possible to run (probably not concurrently with OS-X) windows (with a capital W). I would strongly recommend a Mac anytime. It’s GUI interface sits on top of UNIX so your mom will be a great resource, even miles away (hi wendy!). Yes, there have been times I wish I could run some PC program, but I’ve never been envious of getting smashed by a virus. Macs are incredibly easy to use, and yes, I also have Microsoft Office on my Mac. I’d love to get a Mac laptop.
    Go for it.

    Love, Uncle Pete^2

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