Long night last night

Well I can officially say that I’m used to night shift.  Which sounds like a good thing…except that this is my last week of nights.  Oops.  Starting next Monday I work from 1515 to 0315 (pm to am), which I’m actually pretty excited about.  The biggest bonus is that I’ll make it home while its still dark out, which should improve the quality of my sleep immensely.  I’m not especially looking forward to the traffic on the roads…night shift spoiled me with having so few vechicles on the road.

So how do I know I’m officially on a night schedule?  I had last night off, and this morning I had to be at work at 9am to take an eight hour long class (I’m so glad that they considered night shift workers when they scheduled them ALL for 9am – my bedtime) so I was a good girl and headed to bed around 1am.  No luck.  I lay awake for half an hour before I gave up and went back to knitting.  Then to the computer.  Then read a book.  Then tried to sleep.  No luck.  I finally fell asleep around 3:30…then Adam came home at 4:30 (he’s working nights too right now), and I was wide awake again.  But now HE was sleeping so I had to stick to quiet stuff.  I started a blog, but he told me that I was typing too loud (TYPING too loud?  Thats a new one).  In my complete sleep-deprived, in-the-dark-trying-not-to-type-much-and-bored-out-of-my-mind 5am state, I made this:


This is my progress on the shawl.  I tried taking pretty pictures yesterday, but it looks exactly the same in pictures as it did the last time you saw it (halfway through the middle section), and this actually shows my progress since last you saw it.  (That, and I was bored and needed something to fill my time last night.  It is actually accurate, each pixel is a row.  I’m a dork, and I had a lot of time on my hands.)  I’ve been knitting like a fiend, and I’m almost to the decreases which makes me very happy.  I would bring it to work, but the chart is too involved to keep picking up and putting down – and its getting too bulky to drag around.  So instead, I’ve been working on this:


My first Jaywalker sock.  I really like this pattern – its easy to memorize and makes for very fast knitting, perfect for knitting on the ambulance.  The yarn is KnitPicks Sock Memories in the “Gardenia” colorway.  I followed the pattern to the T (tee?), US 1 needles, smaller size.  The sock is a leeetle bit snug (hard to pull over my heel) but it fits my calf very well and doesn’t slide down.  I might try the larger size pattern (its only eight stitches bigger) next time – I have some Cherry Tree Hill that has tried to be three different socks – I think this is what it wants to be.


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