I got a package from Amazon.com yesterday…some CD’s by a band called Moxy Fruvous that I loved in middle school and high school.  They were sort of an indie band out of Toronto, Canada, that wrote and performed a lot of satirical songs – some poke fun at famous people or things in the news at the time, and some are just funny.  The lyrics are really well written, and these guys can sing really well too.  It was a great flashback to play these CDs in the car on the way to work, and I realized I still know all the words to all the songs 🙂  The last song on one CD is called “The Gulf War Song”, and while I try to avoid political discussions, I’ve gotta comment on this.  The song was written for the first Gulf War, but it amazed me how much it fits today too.  Guess not much has changed in 15 years.  If you go to amazon.com you can hear some of their stuff, their first CD is called Bargainville (can’t link to Amazon – sorry, I tried).

On a less serious note…I ordered my new computer!  Coming soon: pictures of the new  laptop, posted from the new laptop 🙂  More later, time for bed.


One response to “Flashback

  1. LOL! Staffan and I listen to Bargainville daily in the car – and sing every single word. (Except that silly French song, we skip that one. Love CD’s.)

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