Still waiting to see…

…if I’m going to get called in to work for this hurricane/tropical storm/rain thingy.  The new storm track, courtesy of The Weather Channel shows us back in the cone (wow, check out my hurricane lingo!) so who knows where it will go.  Pinellas County declared a state of emergency, so I’m still tethered to my pager to find out if they need us to report.  I went shopping today and got my hurricane bag together (sleeping bag, clean socks and uniforms, food, bottled water, etc) so if they call, I’m all set.  Which probably means they won’t call.  Who knows.  For the “Cruise Director”, not knowing is driving me NUTS.  Oh well.  On the plus side, if we get called in it will just be a bad rainstorm, its not even a Category 1 storm anymore.  And the overtime would be nice.  I’m working tomorrow night either way.

In other news…thats about it.  Still puttering along on the knitting.  More later.


One response to “Still waiting to see…

  1. Looks like you are “out of the cone” this afternoon. Hope it stays that way.
    Love, Grandma

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