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Here we go again

I finally got my new 60″ addi turbo circular size 3 needle and have tucked in with the bridal knot shawl again. The directions are a little vague for the crown border pattern (first of two borders), but the gist seems to be that I need to pick up and create a total of 102 stitches on each side of the octagon. So each round is going to be 816 stitches. Oh goody. This border is 106 rows around, so…83,232 stitches total. And thats not counting the actual outer border. This shawl is gonna be HUGE. Pictures tonight.

I also got my yarn and started the Telemark Ski Sweater from KnitPicks. I’m about done with the 2″ ribbed black and white border on the bottom of the sweater, and when I get sick of the shawl I’ll switch over and start the body. I’m enjoying knitting with two colors so far, but its slow because my hands can’t seem to get the hang of keeping one strand of yarn in each hand. Once I make a little more progress I’ll post pictures.

I’m off from work tonight and tomorrow, and since Adam is sick and I’m trying not to be, we’re gonna have a quiet weekend at home (which = lots of knitting time!). Next week we start the house search, so I’ll enjoy this quiet time while I can.


What a great day.

Day off from work, massage, two hours at the beach reading a cheesy chick-lit novel…priceless.

Work in progress

I figured out how to link to the photos, but I need to figure out how to make them smaller before I upload them. Maybe tomorrow.

I got my new circular needle from knitpicks – and its WAY too short. Somehow I thought that the cable would be 40″, not the cable and the needles combined. So…I ordered a 60″ addi from We’ll see if thats better – I hope it is because I can’t find a size 2 circular needle longer than that.

I cast on for the Telemark Ski Sweater from in the colorway shown in the picture. I only have an inch of the bottom ribbing done, but so far the two-color knitting is going well. I’ll post a picture when I finish the ribbing and move on to the body, so that you can actually see it.

Adam’s mom is in town this weekend, and today we went to see her new house. Its beautiful – the kind of house I would love to have but definitely can’t afford right now. We’re going to help with some of the painting and stuff, and I’m getting really excited to nest a little. Not the same as my own place, but I’ll take what I can get.

And there was much rejoicing

My new MacBook is here! I’ve been glued to the couch all day uploading my pictures, music, etc. I love it. The best part? Adam and I can both be on the computer at the same time (for the first time in six months). I got a computer backpack to go with it, so I can bring it to work as well (I’ll just be making darn sure I lock the doors of the ambulance). Its nice 🙂

Back to the usual…I finished my Jaywalkers. (For now the pictures are linked and huge – hopefully fixing that next time.)

Here is my latest pair of socks, made with KnitPicks “Sock Memories” in the Geranium colorway on size 2.25 needles. The pooling is different on both socks, but I think its complimentary. As of right now, these are going in the Christmas box. I already cast on for another pair – the Welsh cabled sock pattern from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting on the Road”:

I’m still waiting on my KnitPicks order with the longer circular needle to continue the bridal knot shawl, and my new yarn for my first Fair Isle sweater is in the same shipment – so, for now, my laptop will have to entertain me 🙂

(Edited to add: OK I know the pictures aren’t working and I’m not sure why…probably a Mac ploy to make me use their “iWeb” software. I’ll work on it.)

Its (finally) here!

I am posting this from my brand-spanking-new-straight-out-of-the-box-only-took-three-and-a-half-weeks-to-get-here laptop! Its a little weird trying to navigate a mac again (since the last time I used one was in middle school, 13 years ago) but so far I like it 🙂 In a little while and once I get things installed an figured out – a real post.

I’d better get a king size bed


Crummy unblocked picture of the shawl…but you get the idea. I actually finished it Friday night, but pictures had to wait for this morning. As you can see I need to get some blocking wires, and my bed is definitely not going to be big enough for pictures (or blocking) of the finished product.  Here’s the view off my balcony, via the shawl:


I need to find a 40″ 2.75mm circular needle to pick up the outside stitches and start the border, so the shawl is on hold. That means, I need to place an order online! And if I’m ordering something, I may as well get yarn too and save on shipping…I smell fair isle!

Of course once the shawl was done I felt lost and immediately picked up yarn for another project – a chunky cabled purse, free knit picks pattern (that of course I can’t find the link to – but I’m pretty sure that its actually called a “chunky cabled purse”). And finished the knit part saturday. This is bad – I’m tearing through my stash faster than I can order new yarn! I still need to go get a liner and handles for the purse, but if it comes out well I think they would make cute christmas gifts for my cousins – just need to find out favorite colors.

Hurricane Florence is turning north…which makes me wonder if maybe this county doesn’t have a magnetic force field that deflects all tropical storms. Which I would be OK with.

Very disappointed with Apple

So, I was all excited last night because my new laptop was set to ship yesterday.  I woke up this morning and checked my email…and found an email from Apple that wasn’t sent until THIS MORNING informing me that “Due to an unexpected delay” they weren’t able to ship my products on time.  That now, in fact, my estimated ship date isn’t until Sept. 14th – one day AFTER I was originally supposed to receive my order.

So I called Apple.  Got a very nice sounding girl on the phone (sounded about 12 years old) who said that my computer is still in manufacturing.  So I pointed out that if my computer hadn’t even been made yet as of yesterday (the day it was supposed to ship), couldn’t they have realized this a little sooner and informed me of the delay?  She didn’t seem to grasp the concept.  “Ma’am, your laptop is still in manufacturing.  The estimated ship date is the 14th.”  (over and over again.)  So not impressed.  So I told her that that was unacceptable and that they needed to give me overnight shipping when they finally did get around to sending it.

“Oh, they already did that.  Your order is already marked for Overnight shipping.”

(Me) But the estimated arrival date is the 21st – a week later.”

“Well, they do that just in case there’s a delay.”

(Me) “Well that doesn’t make it OVERNIGHT then does it?”

Ugh.  Sorry for the ramble, I’m just REALLY frustrated.  You’d think for the amount of money these things cost that they could have some better customer service.  I changed the order to ship as items arrive (rather than all at once) so the laptop is estimated to arrive on the 19th (and ship the 18th.  I don’t know how it went from the 14th to the 18th in one conversation.) and the rest will straggle in I guess.  I just want my darn computer!

In knitting news, I have only 40 rows left on the center of the shawl!  I’m on target to finish by Saturday so I should have pictures.  The only good thing to come of this delay with the computer?  I’m buying more yarn for while I wait 🙂