Almost done

Only 64 rows left on the center of the bridal knot shawl…I did about 24 rows today.  Each row gets shorter by two stitches now, so I’m guessing that by next weekend I’ll be finished.  I’d better hurry up and order blocking wires and a longer circular needle so I can start the outer circle!  I decided that i’m going to knit the pattern as written, even though I don’t love the crown pattern.  The shawl will be huge, but it’ll make it that much more satisfying when I’m done.

I’m getting startitis again…my jaywalker socks are stuck on the ankle of the second sock because the last few weeks at work have been really busy.  I have some yarn for a small cabled purse I want to try, so that may be next…and I want to start a Fair Isle sweater so I’ll have some chance of being done by the time I visit home this winter.  I’ve also seen several posts about Sea Silk, and it looks very very yummy…and I need to start thinking about Christmas projects too.  Hmmm…


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