I’d better get a king size bed


Crummy unblocked picture of the shawl…but you get the idea. I actually finished it Friday night, but pictures had to wait for this morning. As you can see I need to get some blocking wires, and my bed is definitely not going to be big enough for pictures (or blocking) of the finished product.  Here’s the view off my balcony, via the shawl:


I need to find a 40″ 2.75mm circular needle to pick up the outside stitches and start the border, so the shawl is on hold. That means, I need to place an order online! And if I’m ordering something, I may as well get yarn too and save on shipping…I smell fair isle!

Of course once the shawl was done I felt lost and immediately picked up yarn for another project – a chunky cabled purse, free knit picks pattern (that of course I can’t find the link to – but I’m pretty sure that its actually called a “chunky cabled purse”). And finished the knit part saturday. This is bad – I’m tearing through my stash faster than I can order new yarn! I still need to go get a liner and handles for the purse, but if it comes out well I think they would make cute christmas gifts for my cousins – just need to find out favorite colors.

Hurricane Florence is turning north…which makes me wonder if maybe this county doesn’t have a magnetic force field that deflects all tropical storms. Which I would be OK with.

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