And there was much rejoicing

My new MacBook is here! I’ve been glued to the couch all day uploading my pictures, music, etc. I love it. The best part? Adam and I can both be on the computer at the same time (for the first time in six months). I got a computer backpack to go with it, so I can bring it to work as well (I’ll just be making darn sure I lock the doors of the ambulance). Its nice 🙂

Back to the usual…I finished my Jaywalkers. (For now the pictures are linked and huge – hopefully fixing that next time.)

Here is my latest pair of socks, made with KnitPicks “Sock Memories” in the Geranium colorway on size 2.25 needles. The pooling is different on both socks, but I think its complimentary. As of right now, these are going in the Christmas box. I already cast on for another pair – the Welsh cabled sock pattern from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting on the Road”:

I’m still waiting on my KnitPicks order with the longer circular needle to continue the bridal knot shawl, and my new yarn for my first Fair Isle sweater is in the same shipment – so, for now, my laptop will have to entertain me 🙂

(Edited to add: OK I know the pictures aren’t working and I’m not sure why…probably a Mac ploy to make me use their “iWeb” software. I’ll work on it.)


One response to “And there was much rejoicing

  1. Yay iBook! The pix appear to be just plain URL’s instead of the “img” tag.

    Give me a call this weekend!

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