Here we go again

I finally got my new 60″ addi turbo circular size 3 needle and have tucked in with the bridal knot shawl again. The directions are a little vague for the crown border pattern (first of two borders), but the gist seems to be that I need to pick up and create a total of 102 stitches on each side of the octagon. So each round is going to be 816 stitches. Oh goody. This border is 106 rows around, so…83,232 stitches total. And thats not counting the actual outer border. This shawl is gonna be HUGE. Pictures tonight.

I also got my yarn and started the Telemark Ski Sweater from KnitPicks. I’m about done with the 2″ ribbed black and white border on the bottom of the sweater, and when I get sick of the shawl I’ll switch over and start the body. I’m enjoying knitting with two colors so far, but its slow because my hands can’t seem to get the hang of keeping one strand of yarn in each hand. Once I make a little more progress I’ll post pictures.

I’m off from work tonight and tomorrow, and since Adam is sick and I’m trying not to be, we’re gonna have a quiet weekend at home (which = lots of knitting time!). Next week we start the house search, so I’ll enjoy this quiet time while I can.


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