Monthly Archives: October 2006

Just call me Martha…

…Stewart, that is. This weekend was full of housewife-ish type activity. Yesterday I did laundry, knitted, grocery shopped, unpacked…today I finished the laundry, cleaned my room, knit, baked bread, made dinner from scratch (pizza, but still), cleaned the grout in the kitchen, and now I’m going to sit down and spin – the journey wheel and I have to re-acquaint ourlelves. Oh yeah, and I made sourdough starter. It smells fantastic. I so belong in 1955.


Lazy Saturday

Two days off in a row…woohoo! I spent yesterday online researching invisalign, braces, and oral surgery. Unfortunately, the more I read about invisalign (clear braces that are like a thin well-shaped mouth guard) the more I’m concerned that it really won’t work for me. I’ve found that a lot of people with similar cases to mine end up with straight teeth, but since it can’t correct a crossbite or narrow upper jaw, they end up with teeth that don’t line up and end up with chewing/bite problems and need surgery and regular braces anyway. Sooo…..I called my dentist for a referral to an orthodontist. The other benefit of all this research is that i’ve read several blogs from people who have had the type of surgery I need, and its not too bad – outpatient, no big incisions or anything. The biggest pain in the neck is the dental appliance in the roof of the mouth – but to fix my teeth, it would be worth it.

I started another blog to document the process of fixing my teeth…I didn’t want to post here and gross out anyone who doesn’t want to read about teeth and such! Its at if you’re interested. If not, I understand 🙂 Teeth grossed me out a lot more before it really applied to me. I posted my “before” pictures. After all that research, I’m actually really excited to get started! I want nice teeth!

In other news…today is for cleaning. I plan to finish unpacking, clean some of the grout in the kitchen, and pick up around the house. Then I plan to knit…. a lot. I’ve finished 20 out of 106 rows on the border…slowly but surely coming along.

Beautiful Day

What a great day! No work, first off, which makes it automatically good. I had to go to the dentist this morning (usually bad) which was suprisingly good. I had my new patient consultation, then my hygenist had an extra hour off so I had my cleaning as well (which saves me a trip in). Bad news – I need to have a couple fillings repaired. Good news – My dentist approved me as a candidate for Invisalign. When I go get my fillings done in two weeks, we’ll do the molds and send them off and hopefully I’ll be on my way by my birthday! I can’t wait to get started, I’ve wanted my teeth straightened for so long and I want to get started already! They also offer Zoom whitening in the office, and I’m going to do that next month as well. I’ll be a whole new Lisa 🙂 I figure I’m never going to get lipo or botox, so this will be my only cosmetic procedure.

After the dentist…massage. Enough said.

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday, and we both have today off so we’re hanging out and enjoying having the house to ourselves. (Adam’s mom went back to NJ and doesn’t officially move for a few weeks). The neighborhood has a nice park, lots of trees, playground, and even an orange orchard, so we went for a walk to check it out. Nice quality time. AND….the weather finally broke! The high today was 70 degrees and tonight is going to be a low around 50 – real fall type weather (at least for Florida, and compared to the 95 degree days we’ve had for five months).

I did another six rows on the shawl over the weekend (doesn’t sound like a lot, but thats over 4800 stitches!), and I pulled out my sweater to work on that and realized that I made the wave pattern at the bottom way too tight. My anal-retentive self couldn’t just sit back and hope that it fixes itself in blocking, so I ripped back to do it over. Frustrating, but much less than if I finished the sweater and realized it wasn’t wearable.

Back to work for the next few days…

NOW I remember why I wanted to move to Florida

(I mean besides the job and Adam). It is 85 degrees and sunny here in Tampa Bay…meanwhile, back home in Rochester, they got this yesterday. I’m a little nostalgic (the first snow is always exciting), but I won’t lie – I’m loving the warmth. I fully intend to go to the beach on my birthday, regardless of the weather, just because I can.

My new shift is going well, my partner and I get along alright but he will be clearing as a Paramedic soon so I’ll be bumped off the shift. Hopefully he won’t get cleared until after the holidays though, because I need to make travel plans to visit Rochester. As of right now i’m working every holiday this winter which kind of stinks, but at least the holiday pay will be nice.

Packing is coming right along…I’m almost done, which is good, because tomorrow is my last day off before we move on Tuesday. I’m knitting too, but the camera is packed and there’s not much to show since each row of the shawl is over 800 stitches around. So…at this rate…it’ll be done in about twelve years. Yay.

Quick one

Just had to stop and post before bed because…I finally got to switch my shift at work! I didn’t write much about it here but I’ve had a really rough time with my partner the last few months. But – no more! My new shift is the same days (weekends off), but starts at 1:30pm instead of 3:15. Yay!

Happy Tuesday

Not much going on here. Thanks to a couple slow days at work, the Telemark Ski Sweater is sailing along. I’m into the body pattern (which is called “lice” in the directions – kind of gross) and I’m enjoying knitting with more than one color. It reminds me of my first cabled sweater – the pattern wasn’t very interesting but it changed just enough to keep me interested.

Telemark ski sweater

Last night was actually a pretty good shift at work – we had two patients who were pretty sick, and we were able to bring both of them to the hospital in much better condition than we found them. We get so many calls that are NOT emergencies, that it takes me by suprise when we actually have a sick patient sometimes. It just amazes me the things that some people call the ambulance for. We had someone call the other day for a ride home – the 911 dispatcher told them that we don’t provide that service and gave them the number for the cab company. Twenty minutes later they got a call from the same pay phone, same voice, that just said “We need an ambulance quick, someone’s sick” and hung up. What a shock when we got there and it was the same person, saying they just wanted a ride home. When we told them that we don’t do that, they said “Well then I’m having chest pain and you need to take me to xxxxx hospital” which of course is 15 miles away and there are four closer hospitals. Since we can’t refuse to transport anyone who claims to be sick, we have to take this person to their hospital of choice. And of course they refuse the IV, asprin, nitroglycerin, and all the other treatments that we provide for chest pain – “just drive me to the hospital.” And of course, their address is down the street. So we get to the hospital, bring them inside, and they refuse all treatment and walk home. The sad thing? It happens a lot. So they get a $500 ambulance ride instead of a $20 cab ride, which doesn’t matter because for them the ride is free – they have medicaid or they have no insurance and no intent of paying the bill. And guess who pays? The rest of us. (OK I’m sorry for the rant, but I just don’t get it. Mom – you must have done a good job raising me because I can’t understand how people can do things like that.)

Enough of the rant. I’m moving in two weeks! Moving out of Adam’s friend’s apartment into Adam’s mom’s new house (temporarily while we find our own place). Things have gotten shuffled around a lot in the last month, and since Adam’s mom won’t be down for a month or so she said we could stay at her place while we are house hunting. We went to see it last weekend – its gorgeous, tile floors, granite counters, 3br with a screened-in back porch and nice yard. Its going to spoil me for anything I can afford 🙂 Oh well, off to pack!