NOW I remember why I wanted to move to Florida

(I mean besides the job and Adam). It is 85 degrees and sunny here in Tampa Bay…meanwhile, back home in Rochester, they got this yesterday. I’m a little nostalgic (the first snow is always exciting), but I won’t lie – I’m loving the warmth. I fully intend to go to the beach on my birthday, regardless of the weather, just because I can.

My new shift is going well, my partner and I get along alright but he will be clearing as a Paramedic soon so I’ll be bumped off the shift. Hopefully he won’t get cleared until after the holidays though, because I need to make travel plans to visit Rochester. As of right now i’m working every holiday this winter which kind of stinks, but at least the holiday pay will be nice.

Packing is coming right along…I’m almost done, which is good, because tomorrow is my last day off before we move on Tuesday. I’m knitting too, but the camera is packed and there’s not much to show since each row of the shawl is over 800 stitches around. So…at this rate…it’ll be done in about twelve years. Yay.

One response to “NOW I remember why I wanted to move to Florida

  1. It’s not bad enough here, without you rubbing it in?! 😉 I can see it’s going to be a LONG winter.

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