Beautiful Day

What a great day! No work, first off, which makes it automatically good. I had to go to the dentist this morning (usually bad) which was suprisingly good. I had my new patient consultation, then my hygenist had an extra hour off so I had my cleaning as well (which saves me a trip in). Bad news – I need to have a couple fillings repaired. Good news – My dentist approved me as a candidate for Invisalign. When I go get my fillings done in two weeks, we’ll do the molds and send them off and hopefully I’ll be on my way by my birthday! I can’t wait to get started, I’ve wanted my teeth straightened for so long and I want to get started already! They also offer Zoom whitening in the office, and I’m going to do that next month as well. I’ll be a whole new Lisa 🙂 I figure I’m never going to get lipo or botox, so this will be my only cosmetic procedure.

After the dentist…massage. Enough said.

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday, and we both have today off so we’re hanging out and enjoying having the house to ourselves. (Adam’s mom went back to NJ and doesn’t officially move for a few weeks). The neighborhood has a nice park, lots of trees, playground, and even an orange orchard, so we went for a walk to check it out. Nice quality time. AND….the weather finally broke! The high today was 70 degrees and tonight is going to be a low around 50 – real fall type weather (at least for Florida, and compared to the 95 degree days we’ve had for five months).

I did another six rows on the shawl over the weekend (doesn’t sound like a lot, but thats over 4800 stitches!), and I pulled out my sweater to work on that and realized that I made the wave pattern at the bottom way too tight. My anal-retentive self couldn’t just sit back and hope that it fixes itself in blocking, so I ripped back to do it over. Frustrating, but much less than if I finished the sweater and realized it wasn’t wearable.

Back to work for the next few days…

One response to “Beautiful Day

  1. I was just going to ask what Invisalign was when I discovered an article in the paper about them today! Cool.
    Happy Birthday to Adam.
    Love, Grandma

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