Lazy Saturday

Two days off in a row…woohoo! I spent yesterday online researching invisalign, braces, and oral surgery. Unfortunately, the more I read about invisalign (clear braces that are like a thin well-shaped mouth guard) the more I’m concerned that it really won’t work for me. I’ve found that a lot of people with similar cases to mine end up with straight teeth, but since it can’t correct a crossbite or narrow upper jaw, they end up with teeth that don’t line up and end up with chewing/bite problems and need surgery and regular braces anyway. Sooo…..I called my dentist for a referral to an orthodontist. The other benefit of all this research is that i’ve read several blogs from people who have had the type of surgery I need, and its not too bad – outpatient, no big incisions or anything. The biggest pain in the neck is the dental appliance in the roof of the mouth – but to fix my teeth, it would be worth it.

I started another blog to document the process of fixing my teeth…I didn’t want to post here and gross out anyone who doesn’t want to read about teeth and such! Its at if you’re interested. If not, I understand 🙂 Teeth grossed me out a lot more before it really applied to me. I posted my “before” pictures. After all that research, I’m actually really excited to get started! I want nice teeth!

In other news…today is for cleaning. I plan to finish unpacking, clean some of the grout in the kitchen, and pick up around the house. Then I plan to knit…. a lot. I’ve finished 20 out of 106 rows on the border…slowly but surely coming along.


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