I spent two hours spinning in front of the TV last night. In front of, because not much watching went on. I forgot how hypnotic it can be! It was kind of funny – every time I stopped and thought about what I was doing, the yarn would thicken or i’d get a bobble. Other than that it was acually pretty thin and even. Still worsted-weight when plied, though. Mom – is that because of the type of wool/preparation I’m using (its the camel corrierdale we bought in Oswego), or do I just need more practice spinning thinner? I would love to (eventually) spin laceweight, but it’ll be years at this rate. I went online and bought a pound of white shetland wool last night (and a niddy noddy so I can make “real” skeins), but I’m afraid to spin it because I want it to be nice and even. We’ll have to have spinning time when I’m home next month so I can see how I’m doing….I’m looking for a fiber guild around here but no luck so far. Its frustrating not having someone who knows what they’re doing that I can ask. I’ll try to post pictures but its just not the same. Oh well – The yarn I’m making is perfect for snuggly winter hats! Maybe some mittens from the slightly thinner yarn.


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