Not my idea of a fun way to spend my day off

This morning I went to the dentist’s to get some fillings…yes thats right, more fillings. I had a lot of them done last year when I finally got dental insurance, and I thought I had taken pretty good care of my teeth since then. Apparently not. I had to get three fillings done today, with the potential for one more. Well sure enough, I needed the fourth one as well. Whoopedee doo. Luckily I opted for the nitrous oxide to keep me from running out the door (lets just say I’m not a fan of dental work), and things went pretty well; all four took less than an hour. Then my hygenist says (as I’m coming out of the nitrous haze) “Do you want to schedule your next filling?” NEXT? Isn’t four enough? Apparently there was another one that I didn’t know about. Sooo…I go back in three weeks to get that one done too. Excellent. The good news is, apparently she can do it when I’m in braces, so I can get them on before my filling if I’m given the option. I don’t want to delay the braces any more than I already have, so this is good news.

OK enough dentist stuff. I’ll keep it in the other blog from now on πŸ™‚ Since all I’ve done all day is go to the dentist and sit around waiting to get feeling back in my face, I figured it makes my “daily news”. In other news…my new wool comes tomorrow! And a nice shiny new niddy-noddy, so I can make real skeins of yarn. Yay πŸ™‚ I have two days off this weekend, so I’ll be busy skeining (is that a word?) all my balls of handspun. I’m still working on the telemark sweater, it just hasn’t gotten any mention here because (oops) I knit one of the patterns way back near the beginning too tight, and had to rip back four inches of body pattern to fix it. I’m now back to where I was, so I should have progress pics soon. I would like to have it done for when i go home in a month, BUT as there are sleeves and body to knit and steeks to do (and steeks scare the bejeebers out of me) I may get as far as I can and bring it home so I can have moral support for that part.

Two more days until my weekend!

2 responses to “Not my idea of a fun way to spend my day off

  1. My poor baby! Hope you’re better today, and this is the LAST one.

    Steeks are scary beforehand (even when you’ve done them before!) but terribly empowering afterward. I wanted to stop people on the street – “Look at this, not only did I knit it, but then I CUT IT WITH SCISSORS and it’s still all right.”

  2. Damn Lisa I dont think you’re chewing on taffy all day, so I don’t know why you have do many cavities! I may not have been born with adams vision, but like him I was born lucky enough to have never had any cavities and I don’t want to start now. Come to think of it his sister has never had any either, maybe its that Montgomery, NJ water.

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