I love the weekends

I love weekends – I feel so productive! The days I work I’m at work for (at least) 12 hours, commuting for two, and I need eight hours of sleep to function…which leaves two hours to eat, see Adam, and do whatever else needs to be done. Its so nice to have a day like today – get up, spend have time to go online and catch up with blogs and message boards, and just sit. Today’s accomplishments: went to Tires Plus to get a nail out of my tire (luckily Adam saw it before it went flat), three loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, picked up in the living room, put boxes away in the garage…and its only 6pm. And thanks to my work hours I’ll be up until at least 2am, so that means LOTS of knitting time and a good movie 🙂 I’m thinking Love Actually, since its almost the holidays (but since its my favorite movie, I don’t need much excuse!).

Here’s a little photo love…I got my niddy noddy and promptly wound up two skeins. There’s something about skeins that look so much nicer than balls of yarn. I know I’ll have to wind it back into balls to knit it, but thats okay. Each skein is about 45 yards of worsted/bulky weight handspun corrierdale, camel colored.

Even though I’m only a temporary resident in this house, I’m nesting like crazy! Cooking, baking, cleaning…the gardening urge finally got the better of me, so I gave in and bought some starter herbs and a planter (that way, I can bring them with me!) I planted coriander, sage, oregano, and basil, and they’re doing really well! Chris made a delicious homemade pesto, and now I’m craving it. If this plant grows anything like his did, I’ll be eating it in no time! All I need is a food processor.

Tomorrow should be gorgeous – 70’s and sunny and finally not so humid, so I’m planning to go on for a walk and check out some nearby parks. Lots of pictures (as long as my batteries charge)!

2 responses to “I love the weekends

  1. As we head towards winter, those herbs look good enough to eat right away!!! Pesto – yum, yum.

  2. AH HA! I see how it is.. adam wants to take credit for the flat tire even though it was me who told him about it!! Hes gonna get it.

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