Big Day Today!

Today was good and bad…first the bad, I’ve felt a cold coming on for a few days and today I’ve got a sore throat and fever 😦 I came home from work early because I was too tired and logy.

The good…Adam and I finally started house hunting today! We saw four different places, and the last one was everything we’re looking for. I was expecting to take a long time to hunt and find a place that’s just right, but I can’t imagine finding something better than this place in our price range. Its amazing – 3BR, 2BA, huge kitchen and pantry, living/dining room, den, utility/laundry room, and a gorgeous back yard with tropical landscaping and an inground pool! The house is full of windows and light, ceramic tile floors in the hall/kitchen/living room, carpet in the master BR, pergo in the other two bedrooms….it backs up to a conservation area so we have no rear neighbors and lots of foliage! The only down side to it is that its in a really nice area which = high taxes, but Adam and I are working through the budget and it looks like we’re going to be able to put in an offer! We’re just waiting for an insurance quote and some questions to be answered from the homeowner. As far as we can tell it doesn’t need any repairs or anything – which would really help with the finances! The only thing I’m not crazy about is that the kitchen countertop is laminate…and turqouise. But its in good condition and it works, so we wouldn’t rush to change that.

I’m excited about the house…and a little scared about making such a big decision so fast. I really didn’t want to find such a great place the first day because I wanted to be sure the place we found was the best. I’m pretty satisfied that this place is right for us, and I don’t think I’ll feel like I missed out by not continuing to look. Its not a done deal yet and I know nothing is guaranteed, but I’ve got a great feeling about this place. We walked in and just knew…I think all we said for about ten minutes was “wow”. We’ll see what happens. Tomorrow we’re taking Adam’s mom to see it to get another opinion and to get a better look, and I’ll try to take some pictures. Who knows? We might have a new place by New Year’s!


One response to “Big Day Today!

  1. Adam told me about everything else and it sounds good, but just make sure you REALLY want that pool because it will be a bigger expense than you anticipate, even though you arent heating it, between electric for the pump and chemicals it will be a couple hundred a month extra, not to mention the upfront added cost to the house. just something to think about when you may be able to hop on a boat if you want some water anyway.

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