Monthly Archives: December 2006

Trading Spaces

Except there’s no trading, and no quirky designer. I spent all day with Adam’s mom at our new house painting. The bedrooms are pretty much done except for the trim and a bookcase, and “Adam’s room” (aka the garage room) needs another coat tomorrow and some detail work. My nesting instincts that have been forced into hibernation for the last eight months while we lived in other people’s houses are finally free, and I’m in overdrive 😛 Tomorrow we finish the painting and start unpacking the kitchen. I’ve also got to stop by my second home (Home Depot) to pick up supplies.

I finished the first Ariann sleeve last night at work, and I’m going to cast on tonight for the second. It won’t be a 2006 FO, but definitely the first one of 2007. I’ve got several projects I want to start out of my new books, but I’m finishing this one first.

No New Year’s plans here – working both New Year’s Eve and Day. Some of Adam’s friends from the work are coming to help us move Tuesday though, so we’ll have a party that night at our NEW HOUSE 🙂


Thanks, Mom!

New to my bookshelf: Victorian Lace Today, and Cables Untangled. Fantastic books! I love that Victorian Lace Today talks about the history of lace knitting, the whys and hows. It boggles my mind to think that hundreds of years ago people not only came up with these amazing patterns, but spun their own yarn to knit them. Cables Untangled is a great “how to” book that I think will do a lot to help me understand how and why cables work, and there are some nice patterns as well. Between the two books I have enough projects flagged to keep me busy for a while 🙂

I also found something else under the Christmas Tree…a pound of gorgeous soft llama wool! (Is it wool if it comes from a llama? Llama fur then?) It feels very soft and sproingy, and I can’t wait to card and spin some up.

Adam and also got plenty of painting supples, as well as a gift certificate to Home Depot and one to Lowes. The current tenants are out tomorrow, we do the final walkthrough Thursday, and Friday I start painting! We chose some great colors – a warm dark green for the garage den/Adam’s room, a lovely muted blue for the second bedroom/my yarn room, and a reddish wine color for the guest bedroom. Hopefully we can get all this done in a few days, because we’re planning on getting the U-Haul next Tuesday and officially moving in. Yay!!

As soon as I finished the Telemark Sweater (temporarily – I still want to modify it eventually) I needed something new. Its getting nippy here in Florida (sorry, but for here it is) and it’s perfect Cardigan weather. And I need more. So I went to the yarn store last Thursday and bought yarn to make Ariann. I love it. I’m using Cascade 220 a la Cara in an off-white color (to go with everything). I love it. I made it to the armpits at work last night and realized I left my DPNs at home and couldn’t start the sleeves. Today I pulled out my DPNs, and realized that my #7’s are missing. So I have a wrist on my size 6’s. Tomorrow on the way to work I’m totally buying new #7’s. I can always use two pairs, if the others turn up. If this turns out well, I’ll definitely make another (or a few) in some brighter colors. The yarn cost about $40, so its actually (for once) cheaper than buying one at the store. Yay!

Thats all for now. Have to get up bright and early tomorrow to go see the orthodontist (lost a bracket by eating some off-limits food – oops!) and buy more DPNs. And hand cards for my Llama. Life is good 🙂

Its a very Merry Christmas this year…

We bought a house today! Its really, truly, actually our house now. I still can’t believe it! The current tenants are moving out on the 27th (next Wednesday) because they have young kids and didn’t want to leave before Christmas. Soooooooo…I get to start painting (aka nesting) next weekend 🙂

Staffan – does this mean I’m a grownup now?

Finally, something finished

Too bad this wasn’t a christmas present, because this is some great timing.


I finished the Telemark Sweater, and even sat myself down right away to do the seaming while I still had the momentum. The body came out much bigger than I intended (I wanted it to be fitted, like in the picture online) but I’m pretty happy with the end result. Its very comfy, suprisingly warm, and I can wear a turtleneck underneath (I’m not a fan of wool against my neck). I wonder if I could take in the sides somehow…I’m thinking perhaps a steek, then seam it together? I’m not going to do anything rash, but I’ll keep it in the back of my mind.

And of course, the gratuitous “inside-of-the-sweater” picture:


I like the outside almost as much as the inside.

The gauge problem is my own fault – I based it off my swatch, which (now that I know how to actually knit color work) was way too tight. The neck is small compared to the rest of the sweater – its actually the part that fits me best! But it means I couldn’t give this sweater to anyone who would fit the body of it, because the neck would be way too small. I wasn’t super impressed with the pattern, some of the calculations seemed a little wonky (like the one for the neck – if my gauge had been correct, I wouldn’t have been able to fit my head through the neck opening…or perhaps I just have a big head?). The pattern is based on EZ’s percentage method for building a sweater, which was irritating at first but I really appreciate now.

Things I learned:
A swatch is a good thing. The whole swatch. A good swatch.
Color is fun.
Be patient. And do things right.

I still love it. Yay sweater 🙂

Home again

I’m back in Florida safe and sound. Good flight, no luggage problems…I think this is my first trip since college where I haven’t had some kind of problem with my flight, or my luggage, or the weather. Yay!

It was a great visit home – nice and relaxed. It was really nice to see my family and friends again, and get a taste of the snow and cold (a quick taste).

Now back to the grind! I think my yarn came in, so its about time to finish my sweater.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Its the big 2-5, and coming right on top of buying a house, for once I actually feel somewhere close to my age. Except for the braces…those make me feel 12. Oh well.

The fam is coming tonight at 7…then some beers with old friends at Noonan’s. Good times 🙂

On the road again…

This post brought to you from the lovely Tampa International Airport, Concourse A. I’m waiting for my flight to Rochester, and I LOVE that they have free WiFi here! It almost makes it worth paying through the nose for parking, lunch, and a drink. No problems so far, security went very smoothly and my braces did NOT set off the metal detector (I had a dream last night that they did, and they accused me of being a terrorist and wiring explosives to my teeth…not good). For once I didn’t have to go through the air puffer thing, every time I use it I set it off.

Off to a winter wonderland…for 3 1/2 days at least. Now THIS will be Christmas!

Oh yeah….T-2 days until my birthday! A quarter of a century 🙂