Crossing Our Fingers


We put in an offer this afternoon…now we have our fingers crossed and are waiting to hear back! Just look how good my car looks parked in the driveway 🙂 I’ll let you know when we know more.

Other than that…still sick. I’ve been running a fever for two days now, which is unusual (I haven’t had a fever since college). The good news is that my sore throat is gone…the bad news is that it feels like it’s moving up into my sinuses (which means at least three weeks of yucky sinus-ness since I can’t take decongestants). Since I already have my fingers crossed, I’ll cross the toes for a quick recovery so I’ll be healthy for my trip to NY next week.

Yes – I’m going home this week! I’ll be in on Wednesday afternoon, and I’m going home Saturday morning. It’ll be a little taste of winter and the holidays. Can’t wait 🙂

I’m making good use of my time home sick, and I’m almost done with the body of the Telemark sweater. Pictures later when I finish! I’m going to need to order more yarn, I’m on my last ball of black yarn and I haven’t even started the sleeves. I have plenty of white yarn though (four balls still)…wonder if they miscounted my order? Oh well. There’s a chunky cabled wrap on knitpicks that I want to make, so I should be able to order enough for free shipping.

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