Yes, I still knit.

While I’ve been sick, I’ve been churning out the knitting. Remember the Telemark Ski Sweater? I think I last posted about this while I still lived in the old apartment at least two months ago…I’ll let the pictures do the talking about how far I’ve come:

The body is done, its just waiting for the steeks.

Here’s a sleeve, just three rows from being done. Why am I not done, you ask?

Because this is how much black yarn I have left. I didn’t realize until well into the body that the instructions say to measure the gauge by the swatch (yes I actually swatched for once), but the swatch is the ribbing. Oops. The body, which is stockinette stitch, is definitely bigger than the ribbing (which is k2p2). So even though I planned ahead and bought enough yarn for the medium size, I’m out of yarn a sleeve and three rows (and seaming) shy. Luckily, although the sweater is bigger than I planned I don’t think it’ll be TOO big. Just enough for a turtleneck underneath (I hope I hope I hope).

I also read recently about someone who had a problem with the colors bleeding from her Telemark yarn…she was using the red yarn, and said it was bleeding just knitting with it – she didn’t even get to washing it. This makes me a little nervous to wash my black and white sweater! Mom – in case I forget to ask, is there anything I can do while washing to prevent it from bleeding? I think I’ll cry if I ruin the sweater after all this.

So here I go to order more yarn…and to search through the stash in hopes that maybe a ball of black yarn escaped me. I still have three balls of white yarn left (and more than enough left in the current ball to finish the second sleeve). Hmmm….

You know what buying one or two skeins from Knit Picks means…I have to order $40 for the free shipping! There’s a wrap I’ve had my eye on…

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