On the road again…

This post brought to you from the lovely Tampa International Airport, Concourse A. I’m waiting for my flight to Rochester, and I LOVE that they have free WiFi here! It almost makes it worth paying through the nose for parking, lunch, and a drink. No problems so far, security went very smoothly and my braces did NOT set off the metal detector (I had a dream last night that they did, and they accused me of being a terrorist and wiring explosives to my teeth…not good). For once I didn’t have to go through the air puffer thing, every time I use it I set it off.

Off to a winter wonderland…for 3 1/2 days at least. Now THIS will be Christmas!

Oh yeah….T-2 days until my birthday! A quarter of a century šŸ™‚

One response to “On the road again…

  1. HA. Air puffer. Im telling you it was all the mary kay products….full of explosives. Also let Adam know that the only way I know anything about him since he moved out is because of YOUR blog! He needs to keep in touch!

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