Trading Spaces

Except there’s no trading, and no quirky designer. I spent all day with Adam’s mom at our new house painting. The bedrooms are pretty much done except for the trim and a bookcase, and “Adam’s room” (aka the garage room) needs another coat tomorrow and some detail work. My nesting instincts that have been forced into hibernation for the last eight months while we lived in other people’s houses are finally free, and I’m in overdrive 😛 Tomorrow we finish the painting and start unpacking the kitchen. I’ve also got to stop by my second home (Home Depot) to pick up supplies.

I finished the first Ariann sleeve last night at work, and I’m going to cast on tonight for the second. It won’t be a 2006 FO, but definitely the first one of 2007. I’ve got several projects I want to start out of my new books, but I’m finishing this one first.

No New Year’s plans here – working both New Year’s Eve and Day. Some of Adam’s friends from the work are coming to help us move Tuesday though, so we’ll have a party that night at our NEW HOUSE 🙂


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