Happy New Year

Its half an hour late, but since I’m still up it still counts as New Year’s Day. The whole holiday season felt really anticlimactic this year, probably because we’ve been moving, and living in other people’s houses, and in a new area. And it doesn’t help that I’ve worked every holiday and holiday-eve since I started my new job. BUT tomorrow is the big day – we’re moving into our new house! I can’t wait to be in and settled, and to finally be done living out of boxes and staying in other people’s houses. Don’t get me wrong – I’m so appreciative that we have friends and family who had been so supportive (thank you Chris!) but it will be nice not to impose any more. Painting last weekend was hard work, but I’m proud of how it turned out. Unfortunately I’ve gotten my decorating juices going – I’m already planning for the kitchen!

I’m sailing along on Ariann – I finished the first sleeve at work on Christmas, and the second one on New Year’s eve. Today I attached the sleeves to the body and I’m working on the raglan shaping. I still love this sweater 🙂 I won’t have much time to work on it the next few days with work and moving, but I plan to sit and relax this weekend and see how much I can finish.

Next post will be from our new house 🙂

One response to “Happy New Year

  1. Today’s the BIG DAY! I’ll be thinking of you. Pictures soon please. Love, Grandma

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