Busy bee

I’ve spent the last two days unpacking, building bookshelves, gardening, raking, pool-cleaning…No wonder I’m so tired! I’m really excited about the backyard though…its shady and cozy and there is a lot of great foliage already. I got some hibiscus plants yesterday and potted them today. We have spider plants (not sure what they’re actually called) all over the ground in the back of the yard, so I picked a few of the babies to root for indoor plants as well. They grow like weeds here! (Well, they probably actually are weeds here.) The oak tree dumps leaves constantly, so I’m in the process of raking up several months worth of leaves, then I’ll re-mulch and put stone back around the pool.

We have a couple banana trees as well – anyone know how to take care of them? They’re not in great condition, and i want to know if I should cut them back or not for “winter”. It never frosts around here so I probably don’t have to, but I want to let them grow back healthy. Hmm…one tree produced some tiny bananas this year, so I sense banana bread in the future!

Unfortunately the only room that is quasi organized is my office/yarn room, so no pictures yet. I’ll keep plugging away with the boxes, and hopefully in a few days I can shove enough stuff out of the way to take some pictures 🙂 In the meantime, here are some pics of the backyard to hold you over:





One response to “Busy bee

  1. What beautiful flowers! I am so jealous of your hibiscus – they are one of my favorites. And bananas in your own back yard. Wow! I have heard that gardenias (another one of my favorites) do well in Florida too. We are carefully trying to keep ours inside over the winter. So far it seems quite happy sharing space in the kitchen window with the orchids.
    Love, Grandma

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