I love it.



Pattern: Ariann, from (smallest size)
Yarn: Cascade 220 (100g/3.5oz/220yd) – I bought six skeins, and used just shy of four.

I had so much fun knitting this sweater! I bought the yarn on Dec. 21st, and sewed the buttons on yesterday morning (Jan. 9) after two days of blocking. I will definitely be making it again in some other colors. It’s also the first thing I’ve made (that I’ll actually wear) where it was cheaper to buy the yarn than to buy a similar sweater in the store. Yes!!

I pretty much followed the pattern to the letter, except for the collar. I didn’t like the “Peter Pan” style big collar, so I k2tog at the begining of each collar row. I like it 🙂


I’ve been unusually monogamous with this project, which means my poor celtic knot shawl has been shoved aside. Once the unpacking is done and the house is in order, its back to that. I need to make some serious progress there before I start something else, or I’ll never finish!

3 responses to “Ariann

  1. Oh Lisa, it is great! I agree about the collar. You will get a lot of wear out of it – even in Florida!

  2. If your ever bored and need something to knit id be more than happy to volunteer my feet for some socks 🙂 Now that im in the land of the cold again.

  3. Hi Lisa! I just want to tell you how LOVELY your Ariann turned out!

    You have incredible skill – it shows! I curtsey low to you, m’lady and thank you so much for having some FUN with a Chic Knits pattern.


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