Culinary magic

I spent much of the day in the kitchen experimenting, and it worked out suprisingly well. I got Adam an ice cream maker attachment for his KitchenAid mixer, and today we made triple chocolate ice cream. May I just say…yum! I actually ended up making most of it myself because SOMEONE wouldn’t stop eating the chocolate pieces šŸ˜› It doesn’t look exactly like store-bought because I apparently can’t read directions, but it tastes so good I don’t care. Next week: vanilla with real strawberries. (Or maybe the week after that, or we’re going to get fat!)

At the same time, I decided to try out my new crock pot/roaster oven (thanks Keri!) and make some pulled pork for the first time. Albertson’s grocery stores down here suprisingly carry Dinosaur BBQ sauce, so I was able to make REAL pulled pork. (We have a few good alternatives down here, but Dino is like a taste of home.) It turned out really well! Next time I’ll either thaw the meat first or cook it longer because it wasn’t as “pulled” as I’d like, but it was still darn good. Great comfort food on a chilly night šŸ™‚

Hey Mom…I also did all my dishes and cleaned the kitchen as soon as I finished dinner. You raised me good (even if it didn’t kick in until after I left!) šŸ™‚

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