Not much

Sorry for the lack of posting…i’ve started a half a dozen posts but don’t really have much to say. I’ve been working extra shifts to save money for all the home improvement projects we need to get done, so my non-work time is pretty much taken up with sleeping.

The pool is gross…all algaed and evaporating. I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone to get a quote for taking it out, and I can’t stand to leave it the way it is so today I filled it back up, started the filter, and this weekend I’ll get some shock for it. Adam’s dad and his girlfriend are coming down this weekend, and I couldn’t stand the thought of them seeing that nastiness 😛

And since we’re having our first houseguests, that means that I officially need to finish unpacking and clean the house. I played electrician this morning (since we finally had a sunny day on my day off) and I finished changing out the gross outlets and switches in the living room and guest room (the last owners painted them ugly colors). Of course with all that work to do today, what happens? I wake up sick. Great. I’m just trying to slowly putter through and get it done. I already warned Adam that I’m leaving him a “honey-do” list for tomorrow 🙂

It has been in the 40’s and 50’s in the evenings when I’m working, and we’ve had a lot of rain – which means of course that I’ve had several car accidents, house fire responses, etc (which mean we’re standing outside for an hour or more). I actually busted out a hat yesterday! Gloves are a little much, plus they’re not realistic – but fingerless gloves/mittens are just what the doctor ordered. And I have two skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in a navy blue, so I can wear them at work and they’ll match my uniform. That sounds like a much more fun project for tonight than cleaning 🙂

So thats about it. The beans are growing great, I’ll post pictures this weekend. Unfortunately something around here REALLY likes my corn plants, and the last of them were uprooted and torn up this morning. Its still technically too early to plant corn anyway, and now that I know how well it grows here I’ll put up chicken wire and replant in March or so.

Oh yeah…and a clean house means PICTURES finally 🙂 Coming up soon.

PS – I somehow can’t figure out to get my pictures to be somewhere between giant and itsy bitsy…working on it.

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