I’ve gone to technology heaven!

When I got to work today, I found out that we were assigned on one of the brand new ambulances – yay! These rigs haven’t been around long enough yet to be spilled on/backed into things/generally abused, they still smell nice, and they drive really well (no adding radiator fluid in the middle of the night in the ghetto in St Petersburg today!). And apparently another bonus…they have wireless internet! I’m not sure exactly how that works but I’m a BIG fan. We’re driving down the road as I write. Technology is cool.

(I shouldn’t get too excited – I’m sure its a mistake and as soon as they realize it they’ll disable the feature. But for now I’m loving it.)

Its (FL) cold tonight and gonna be worse tomorrow, so I busted out my trusty fingerless gloves. They work! I already had someone ask where I bought them, so I guess they came out pretty well. I also finished the second orange cabled sock, so now I need some new portable knitting – I have a ball of Cherry Tree Hill that’s due to become Jaywalkers, and its calling my name.


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