They finally posted my results and I passed my National Registry recertification! Thats a relief.

(I took the test Tuesday night, and I almost didn’t make it because the hour and a half that I left early to drive the fifteen miles to the test site weren’t enough. Needless to say I wasn’t in the greatest state of mind to take the test!)

2 responses to “Phew

  1. Congratulations, Lisa! An hour and a half to drive fifteen miles? Good grief. It has finally almost stopped snowing this morning, thank goodness. I saw a Monroe rig on TV at a big accident on the Bay Bridge early Wed. morning and thought of you. Our first BIG storm in about three years. I am working on the second fingerless glove. They are fun to knit.
    Love, Grandma

  2. Congratulations, Lisa! Way to go! We’re proud of you.

    So where do the fingers from your fingerless gloves go? Do you just cut them off? Won’t the rest of the glove come unraveled? Do you use special glove-glue to keep them together? Knitting is so complicated.

    Love, Uncle^2 Pete

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