Remember the Telemark Sweater from before Christmas? It was way too big because even though I swatched, I swatched for the ribbing instead of the body of the sweater (oops!). The pattern calls for US 5 needles (what I used) for a gauge of 7 stitches/inch, in the Telemark yarn from KnitPicks (also what I used). I checked my sweater, and I got a gauge of 5 stitches/inch – which explains why it came out so big! I swatched again last night with US 3 needles, and got 6 stitches/inch and a much tighter (but OK) fabric. I would have to use at least US 2’s to get the “recommended” gauge! I really like the sweater and I would like it to actually fit, so after a lot of thought I decided I’m going to rip out the sweater and do it over. I learned a lot doing it the first time, and I’m going to take my time and do it the right way this time. I just can’t stand the thought of all this time and work going into a sweater I’ll never wear or use! Plus, since I made a tiny neck on the massive sweater so it would fit, I can’t gift it to anyone else. Its a little heartbreaking to tear all that out, but I think it’ll be for the best.


One response to “Re-knitting

  1. Bummer!! If you like the fabric of the original on US5s, then you should make a smaller size – about 15% smaller, so if the size you made was 40″, then make 34″ and it will be 40″. Make sense?

    Going down in needle size makes so much different fabric that it’s not worth it.

    Love ya!

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