I did it

I finally sucked it up and tore out the Telemark sweater. The downside of steeks? (well, one of many depending on who you ask.) The front and back of the sweater from the sleeves up is not re-usable. Oh well, lesson learned I guess…and luckily it was learned on $2-per-ball yarn.


I got several balls of black and white back, and I also had two balls of white and one of blue left over. I’m knitting almost the same number of stitches, just on smaller needles – so I’m not sure yet how much yarn I’ll need. All part of the fun, I guess.

I found a knitting group! (Have I blogged that yet?) They meet on Tuesday nights at my LYS, and I went tonight for the second time. Great group of women, and its great to get out and meet new people who also like to knit. Tonight I started a second Ariann sweater (in Cascade 200 again, this time in black) and finished the bottom ribbing. Should make for good work knitting, since the pattern is easy to memorize. I also started a new pair of Jaywalker socks yesterday with some Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I’ve been sitting on for a while. The pattern calls for 2.25mm needles and I’m using 2.75 because the socks I made last time are a little tight. They fit well so far, we’ll see how it goes when I turn the heel.

Jake is now sitting on my arms as I try to type, so I guess that means I’m done blogging for now 😛


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