Some house pictures

Here are some pictures of the house…please ignore the mess. Somehow the camera was never working when the house was actually clean, which I took as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be.

The living room – the chair with the blue shawl over it has turned into my spinning area.

The kitchen, complete with turquoise countertop (which is growing on me).

Guest room.

My office. Check out the new bike! (More on that later.)

I went to the LYS this morning and spun with a couple women from knitting night. I think I finally got the hang of the double drive wheel! I’m spinning up some white shetland wool and its looking great so far. I’m going to settle in with Season 2 of the Gilmore Girls and my wheel and see how far I get. I have a pound of this wool and no idea what to do with it – I think it may end up sport weight, so maybe I’ll dye some and make some socks.

No sign yet of my wool combs. I ordered them two weeks ago and they weren’t in stock, and they told me they would have more in a week. I emailed them again yesterday and haven’t gotten an answer, which is getting really frustrating. I have enough wool to use in the meantime, but I REALLY want to try this llama. Oh well.

Adam bought a bike this week, which finally got me off my butt and convinced me I need one too. My old bike (that I got from Adam’s mom) was too small and I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it here from NY, so when i do get it shipped down I’ll give it back to her. My bike is a sort of hybrid bike – light with small tires like a road bike, but the tires have a little tread. It has clip-in pedals and special shoes, and its purdy 🙂 I’m off for a quick ride before it gets dark, then back to spin.


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