Its Tuesday again

And tuesdays mean no work! Sorry for the boring title, I’ve used up all my creativity for the day. I spent a beautiful sunny afternoon sitting by the door looking out into the backyard, spinning some more of the shetland wool. I’ve gotta tell you, this wool just gets better and better. I thought the singles were great, I’m getting much better at keeping it even…but once I plied it the yarn just blew me away – the yarn is soft, squishy, and sproingy – I want to make a nest of it and sleep in it!

The picture doesn’t do it justice – the yarn just filled out once it was plied and…man, what a good feeling. I’ll never get tired of that magic 🙂

Each skein is about 90 yds/1.2 ounces, and I have a pound of wool. Now what to make?

While I was spinning, something on the patio caught my eye:

I went out in the backyard to get a better look and saw this guy:
A bunny! Actually, to look at the picture, it looks like an Evil bunny. He’s probably the one who ate all my corn seedlings, which would make sense if he is Evil. Now that I’ve seen him, I guess I’ve gotta get the chicken wire and put it around the garden beds this weekend. Other than the corn that was polished off a few weeks ago, the rest is growing really well – I’ll post pictures this weekend (unless the bunny gets it before then).

Ariann 2 is charging forward – I finished the body up to the where the sleeves join in, and started a sleeve at knitting group tonight. Its my work project, so how far I get (and how fast) will completely depend on how busy we are. This time of year? Anyone’s guess.


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