Dreary Day

I’m spending my day off doing an overtime shift working on Clearwater Beach for Spring Break – which should be exra fun considering that its 60 degrees, raining, and windy. This could mean one of two things – either we sit on the beach all day and have no calls because there isn’t anyone there….or they decide to use us as regular road trucks. I’m rooting for nine hours of watching movies and knitting 🙂

The garden has really sprung up the last few days! The romaine and the spinach are starting to actually look like romaine and spinach, see:



The beans are bean-ing away too:


I’ve got to thin out the romaine and spinach here soon. I also have to read up online so I can tell when they’re done 😛 I sense a lot of salad in my future.

The new debate: My LYS has delicious malabrigo merino which is screaming “Clapotis!” and I don’t know how much longer I can resist. I am currently working on a short-term shawl, a long-term shawl, and a sweater. Thats only three projects – what can one more hurt?

One response to “Dreary Day

  1. A FRESH spinach and romaine salad on March 4th while the snow flies! I can only dream of it. Congrats “farmerette” Lisa. Looks absolutely delicious!
    Love, Grandma

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