Yarn buzz

Old project update:

Celtic Knot Shawl – in limbo.

Alpine Shawl – 8 repeats into center pattern.

Ariann – Sleeves done and attached, starting raglan shoulder decreases.

Soooo….last week at knitting night I was browsing for an affordable, but warm, but pretty yarn to use for a full-size clapotis. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but have never come up with a good yarn to use – until NOW! My LYS got a new shipment of Malabrigo kettle-dyed worsted weight single ply yarn last Tuesday, and it is delicious. I’ve had a serious yarn buzz all week just thinking about it. Its soft, and fluffy, and pretty, and….mmmmm. After thinking about it all week, and then after my braces adjustment this morning (ouch ouch), I decided that I had to have my fix. I am the proud new owner of four skeins in the “Emerald Blue” colorway (which, appropriately enough, is a mixture of emerald green and blue). It looks like the ocean and makes me so happy 🙂 As soon as i got home tonight I immediately wound up a ball and started in on my clapotis. The yarn is a little grabby so it will probably be tough to undo the ladders in the pattern, but it will be gorgeous and warm and pretty.

I think I’m drunk on yarn.


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