Great weekend

My weekend is over before it even began…I took off Thursday this week because Adam’s sister Keri and her boyfriend, and Adam’s mom’s friend and her husband were all in town, so I’m working tomorrow instead. What a great weekend 🙂 Thursday we went to St Petersburg, had lunch downtown, went to the Salvador Dali museum, and then went back to Adam’s mom’s and grilled out. Today we all went down to the beach (Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, about 15 minutes from our house), and Adam’s cousin Erin and her two kids came too. What a beautiful day! 80 degrees, nice breeze….the water was a little cold but the little boys didn’t seem to mind. It was a great way to hang out with everyone, relax, and spend some time outdoors. The seagulls were a little annoying (one actually dove down and stole a chip out of Keri’s hand as she put it in her mouth) but it was a great day. The beach was pretty crowded, but most of the Spring Break crowd go down to Clearwater Beach instead so there wasn’t really any craziness. Here are some pictures from the day on the beach:

Me and Adam. Probably the first actual picture of me with my braces. Not too bad 😛

Erin and her younger son Riley

Riley playing in the sand…he looks like he’s hatching some evil plan!

Keri and Jeff. The wind wasn’t cooperating with my attempts to get a picture of Keri’s actual face.

THIS is why I moved to Florida. We have a guest room…accepting applications now 🙂

2 responses to “Great weekend

  1. Hey I don’t have your email address, hopefully you will get this in time. The kids are off all week for spring break..want to get together? I am busy Friday, but that is it.

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