Only me

So we had a bit of an adventure yesterday…it could only happen to me. The exterminator stopped by in the morning (carpenter ant prevention) and told me that there was a lady wandering around our front yard and she didn’t know where she was. I went out to see this lady and she told me her address (didn’t sound familiar) and that she had no idea where she was or how she got here. I brought her inside and looked up the address, and realized that the address she gave me was 8 miles away, across several busy roads – no way did she walk here from there. I called 911 to have the police come by because she couldn’t tell me if she was from a nursing home or anything about where she lived. There are several nursing homes with dementia care facilities in the area, and the first one I called said “oh yes, we’re out looking for her”. They ended up sending a van and driver and came to pick her up. She was really sweet, and luckily we got her home pretty quickly. But how bizarre is it that she ends up in my yard?

Only me.

2 responses to “Only me

  1. It’s not bizarre – She knew you would help her get home.

  2. Work Follows you home.

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